Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Oct 8, 2007 at 7:45am

Rain, rain, go away! Especially on a Monday, sheesh. I stumbled out of bed, pulled on my walking clothes, pulled my hair back, brushed my teeth, made my way out to the kitchen in the dark, turned on my coffee…and then realized it was pouring and I was going exactly nowhere after dropping Nathan at his bus stop. Damn, I hate when I do that. It’s like waking up early on Saturday by accident. And once I’m up and dressed…meh, I’m up. So here I am, complaining instead of walking, ha. Sorry.

Busy week coming up! My aunt Mary for lunch…neighborhood women’s association get-together…Cooper Cuteness…Susie’s open house…celebrating our upcoming 5th anniversary with the kids…work on the house…homework, homework, homework… And so, a busy food week as well. With the weather so back-n-forth, I’m having a hard time finding my cooking groove. Am I grilling or braising? Am I prepping cool, crisp appetizers, or warm, cheesy bites? I guess the answer is all of the above?! Instead of feeling cranky and out-of-sorts, I should embrace the diversity of options, right? Right?

So today, since it’s cooled off pretty dramatically, perhaps a roasted something-or-other. Hmmm. For sure an acorn squash, with a sprinkle of salt, nuts, cinnamon, and brown sugar, yum. Oh, I’ve got cauliflower too, that would be pretty kill. (To keep things on the healthier side, I try to start with my veggies and plan from there.) Perhaps a simple soup, call ‘er dingdangdone. Stay tuned…

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