Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Oct 11, 2007 at 10:09am

All hail kale! OMG I hated the stuff when I was kid – or at least I thought that I did, I never actually tried it. My Grandma Meyer cooked it, long and slow, with some form of pork (I think), which sounds absolutely delicious to me now but egads it stunk up her house. I don’t know when I turned the kale corner – probably about the time I turned the cheese-steak-salad-egg-nuts-tuna corner, around age 14 or so. And thank goodness! Kale is wonderfully nutritious, easy to cook, and whenbraised and then drizzled with best-quality (syrupy, rich) balsamic vinegar… The. Kill.

Check out this Star Tribune review of Gary Taubes’ new book, Good Calories, Bad Calories. Taubes stirred the pot – BIG time – with his 2002 New York Times Magazine article, What If It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie?, when he poked a big fat hole in dietary recommendations to avoid fats and eat grains. I’m no low-carb fanatic (moderation, natch), but I do steer away from most processed foods, refined grains, and sugar and try to fill my plate with veggies, add some protein, add a small amount of whole grains, and include some fat (olive oil, butter, avocado, and/or nuts). I get off track sometimes, of course, especially after trips or parties (woo hoo!). And then I feel like crap, retain water, and put on weight (not woo hoo!). Moderation, baby! Real food, prepared simply, in moderation. (Like kale!) Yeah.

Aannnd, speaking of food (awkward transition alert, sorry), Happy Birthday to my King Foodie father-in-law John!

Hey, me again, back to report that I roasted yet another buttery, crispy chicken, and oh my. So good. Here’s the way to eat it – preferably alone, standing up, directly from the cutting board, dipping pieces right into the bowl of pan juices. Yeah, oh yeah. Now I’m properly fortified for our neighborhood women’s association meeting – wine and chat, here I come!

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