Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Nov 24, 2007 at 11:36am

Man, I had The Best, most kicked-back, lazy-ass, do-nothing day yesterday, and it was awesome. A no-guilt, slug-city existence, I read a whole book (The Virgin of Small Plains, marginal but entertaining), watched two movies (Higher Learning and the hilarious There’s Something About Mary), wore my jammies all day, drank a huge pot of coffee, cooked nothing yet ate like a king (leftovers, baby!)… I basically checked out for an entire day. That does not get to happen very often, if ever, so I really relished it – I oohed, ahhed, giggled, talked to myself, swore, sang, danced, licked my plate, giggled some more. Thanksgiving indeed, oh yeah. Lovely!

But today, I’m over it, itching to get things done. A long, brisk walk, laundry, I already gave the kitchen a good scrub down. I’m also back on for healthier eating, I basically look and feel like a puffy puff puffball – bye bye grains and gravy, hello fruits, veggies, and filtered water. Perhaps I’ll simmer up a cozy, healthy soup for dinner tonight, that sure sounds nice. (Not turkey soup, however, I actually quite dislike turkey soup.)

Welcome back, Moderation, I missed ye…

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