Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jan 1, 2008 at 1:36pm

Happy 2008! Hey, did you ring in the New Year quietly (as in, asleep!) or with a stylie bang? Somewhere in the middle for us, a relaxing party at Stacey’s beautiful home with family (Dad, Sus, David, Etta, Mom, John, and Nathan) and friends (including Suz, Cory, Vivian, and Sullivan). We gathered post-dinner, so tasties were of the snack variety, hummus,mini-quiches, shrimp cocktail, brownies, fruit with chocolate, and the Dates with Goat Cheese Wrapped in Prosciutto I posted a few weeks back, which are absolutely delicious (I revised the recipe to 1/2 date each, I think that ratio is better, recipe will reflect that note).

We ladies put in an effort to spiff up a bit. Susanna and Etta wore fabulously festive garments that had belonged to Susanna’s famously stylish mother, Shirley. I donned some serious rhinestone bling that had belonged to my mom’s mother, Betty. And Mom, John, Suz, and David wore Christmas present fancies – Mom the sweater I gave her (as she models below), John his new tie from Stacey, Suz her bracelet from moi, and David his new hat, also from…moi. Yays!

After a few lightning-fast, uber-competitive rounds of group Pictionary, we all watched The Ball drop from Cooper’s playroom TV, stepping around toys and quickly pouring champagne that no one really wanted. Happy New Year! And then we were collectively wiped and very ready for our first sleep of 2008. (Wow, 2008, sounds like some weird science-fiction date, but no, at least not yet. Here I am, 40-something in 2008. Crazow.)

So today! New Year’s Day! We just watched Wisconsin lose their Outback Bowl game against Tennessee (boo!) while downing Philly Cheesesteaksandwiches made with leftover steak (hurrah!). Now I’m about to crack another book (I read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road on Saturday, devastating, intensely depressing, and beautiful all the same – don’t read it if you’re feeling even a bit down or it’ll do you in), nothing like starting off the new year with a great book. Yes!

So Happy Moderate Epicurean New Year, my bloggy friends! Happy Eating and Exercise and Working and Family and Travel and Reading and Health! Cheers!

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