Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Feb 29, 2008 at 1:12pm

Beauty is in the contrast, as we all well know. But sometimes, we need a little reminder, especially at this rather dullest time of year. Sensory under-load is the name of the game in February-March in Minnesota. How to add a little zip? Beef up the contrast, baby! Steal some time to work out hard, outside, and make yourself good and tired and cold. Then come inside, take a warm, fragrant shower, bundle up in soft clothes and settle down to read a book (to yourself or to your kids) in front of the fireplace while sipping a glass of red wine or cup of hot tea. Ahhh…

I trick myself like that all the time. It’s one thing to sneak in an unexpectedly lovely Saturday lunch (perhaps an over-easy egg alongside arugula salad?). But it’s even better after cleaning up the kitchen, or a good (cold) workout, or running your kids all over town, or paying bills, or catching up on work, or some other productive-sacrifice that earns an appetite. Hey, if hunger is the best sauce (Miguel de Cervantes), winter is the best spice (the moderate epicurean)?

Heck, it’s worth a try!

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