Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Mar 1, 2006 at 12:10pm

I raided my cousin Kim’s photo website for pictures of my cousin Michael’s wedding this past weekend. So fun! I saw everyone on Friday, but not the day of the wedding (the day I got sick), and I’m not surprised to see that everyone looked gorgeous. I even snagged a pic of my dad dancing with the bride, Amanda! And my dad’s four sisters, my Meyer aunts, including Jean and Kathy, who don’t live in MN. Even Stace, now on the two-week countdown to the birth of Baby Boom Boom, with daddy Bowen. Thanks for the pics, Kimmy, I love seeing them, makes up a little for not being able to be there. I’m still bummed that I missed it.

(L-R: Dad & Amanda; Mary, Jean, Marge, Kathy; Mary, mother of the groom; Bruce, Michael, & Craig; Bowen & Stacey; Kim, the photographer)

Another forcibly quiet day for me (still sick, boooooo), although I am, for absolutely sure, ha, running over to the store today to grab a steak for dinner tonight. I won’t feel much like eating it, but we have both kids tonight and I want to put something decent on the table. I’m thinking sauteed broccolini and crispy oven-roasted potatoes as well. Nathan worked his butt off over the last few days and got all caught up with the homework he missed when he was sick last week, so we should have a relatively relaxed night. It’ll be nice. What with John and A’s trip to Florida, and her preparations for her school play last week, the four of us haven’t sat down to a meal together for a few weeks! The reality of divorce/remarriage/stepfamilies – we don’t get to see each other all the time. And you know what? Probably keeps us liking each other a lot more, so it’s not all bad…

And congratulations to Andrew, Rishia, and Baby Noah (here, having a little chat with John). Noah’s adoption became official late yesterday – woo hoo! You have amazing parents, Noah, and they have an amazing little boy (how adorable is he?). Knowing Andrew and Rishia as well as I do, I predict Noah grows up to be one funny, foodie man. Is there any better kind?

I did get to the store – finally – woo hoo! Major accomplishment for me, and it took all my energy, so lame. Picked up a flank steak and some broccolini. Potatoes are in the oven, getting crispy. A few minutes before we eat, I’ll quickly broil the steak, and saute the broccolini the way I do to make Pasta with Broccolini (with olive oil, sliced garlic and red pepper flakes; just sans the pasta). Kids are here, doing their homework, chatting, and it’s really…nice. Nice to be home, with my family.

Dinner’s done (we ate early) – so g..o..o..d! Steak, potatoes, broccoli, such a classic combo, for a good reason. It’s hearty and delicious. Have a good night.

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