Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Apr 4, 2008 at 9:11am

Oh man, I almost missed a terrific night last night. I was soooo tired, and not feeling all that great, but John and I had tickets to the musical Jersey Boys, playing at the Orpheum, so I had to motivate. I spiffed up a bit, but I admit – I bitched and moaned all the way there. (I’m not a big fan of the whole Broadway musical thing, plus I was feeling lousy, plus I tend to bitch and moan in general…) But once the music started up – wowzers! I was completely blown away. By the end my tired ass was dancing in my seat and my face hurt from smiling (they dropped enough f-bombs for even me to crack a smile, wink). Fabulous, I can’t recommend it highly enough. “Oh, What a Night!

Today? Fish Soup Friday, yep. No kids tonight, always a good chance for fish (since neither are fans, to say the least). And I’m wanting something simple, light, and nutritious. A slice of grilled bread, rubbed with fresh garlic, gives the soup a substantial feel. Roasted broccoli alongside rounds things out nicely.

Happy Weekend!

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