Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Apr 9, 2008 at 7:55pm

I’d declare tomorrow night Soup Night, what with another *%^&ing snowstorm coming and all, but instead my mom and I are off to see Jersey Boys. I couldn’t help but think as I watched last week, my mom must see this. So she is. Or will be… Can’t wait!

But for any of you who will be knocking ’round your kitchen, trying not to look out the window, here are a couple of the batten-down/snuggle-up soups I’ll wish I were eating. Man, nothing chases away a bad mood like a pot of soup – comforting (and simple) to make, plus nutritious and tasty. (It takes only a hint of smoky bacon or a splash of rich cream to make a so-so soup pretty damn fabulous.)

Top of the list – I have been loving the Sunday Suppers at Lucques (by Suzanne Goin, terrific book) watercress soup recipe I posted a couple of months ago – salty, buttery croutons afloat in silky, spicy deliciousness. I crave it. And I’ve found the basic recipe to be quite adaptable – we’ve had arugula and asparagus versions so far, both lovely.

Chicken soup with bacon, asparagus, and truffle oil is also delicious – fragrant, flavorful, quick to pull together. And one of our all-time favorites, which requires a few extra steps but is quite worth it, fish soup with grilled bread and rouille, oooh, pretty insanely good. Grilling the bread adds a hint of smokiness, while the rouille rounds it all out with a spicy-garlicky kick. Ka. Pow. Yeah.

Of course, New England clam chowder is always warm and filling on a cold spring’s night. Especially this version, chock full o’ baconand creamy but not thick. With warm crusty bread, or even popovers (rarrr…), it could be almost pleasant to ride out (frozen) April showers. Almost.

And oh, here’s a must-read for those of you who already embrace (or at least aspire to) the art of eating (very) well without weighing 400 pounds. Moderation, anyone? As Jason Perlow, a founder of the foodiest of forums – eGullet – notes in the article, “I think you can still keep the food very interesting, but do it in moderation. That’s what the food community of the future is going to have to be.” Or, as the livin’ large Food Network star and New York chef Mario Batali said, “You can’t eat a large portion of a pig and lose weight.” Damn, forget a quest for measured pleasure, THAT should be the tag line for this blog!

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