Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Apr 11, 2008 at 4:09pm

Such a pretty, gray day. I just love snow, ice, freezing rain, slush, and gusting winds in April. Refreshing! Plus, it’s so great for the hair, shoes, and spirit. Yeah.

Actually, it is good for the spirit…to get the giggles. Which is exactly what happened last night, after another amazing performance of Jersey Boys, when Mom and I had to make our way across the street to the parking ramp. The icy-slushy sidewalks made for excruciatingly slow, dangerous going (in heels no less, ack). The wind was too strong for an umbrella. So we just had to take it, 40 mph gusts driving heavy, wet snow into our hair, faces, and coats. We thankfully made it inside, took one look at each other, and burst out laughing. What else can you do? We looked like two drowned rats! At least it was the end of the night, sheesh.

Despite the nightmare weather, it was a pretty fantastic night. As I said, Jersey Boys completely rocked (again), I loved seeing it a second time. We preceded the performance with a lovely dinner at Palominogarlicky shrimp scampi for Mom, a bowl of the best minestrone I have ever had for me. That soup, I craved it today. Rich broth, chewy pasta, tender beans and vegetables, topped with a crouton and a generous grating of cheese.

I couldn’t have eaten it today, though, too full from the coconut rice pudding I had at Suz’s this morning (Friday Morning Coffee with Suz)! OMG, delicious, creamy, decadent, the perfect comfort food. Who the hell needs lunch when you have coconut rice pudding? We did our usual gab and shriek and evil gossip and I’m now fortified with good cheer for the weekend. Hey, we all know our fair share of unhappy, crazy people – they’re everywhere, unforch – but nothing balances it all out better than other amazing women – girlfriends, sisters, step/mothers, aunts. I am disgustingly lucky to have them all and oh, am I grateful, very, very grateful. Thanks – yet again – ladies!

So! Every-other Friday I have dinner a la moi, and this happens to be one of those Fridays. As I’ve mentioned before (bit repetitive today, sorry), I take the opportunity to make and eat things that no one else in the fam much digs: kale, okra, tofu, polenta, brown rice, squash, brussels sprouts, beans, miso, beets, veggie burgers, cabbage. Good things. Healthy-yummy things. Things that some men and children have decided to not like (long sigh). Tonight I’m planning tabbouleh (heavy on the parsley, tomatoes, and cukes), a garbanzo salad I bought at Whole Foods (with mint and red onions, tasty), and braised kale. Rarrr…

With lots of HOT tea! In front of a WARM fire! Baby, it’s cold outside – stay warm out there!

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  1. By Stephanie on April 12, 2008 at 10:03AM

    Thanks man. I mean it - THANKS, x 1,000,000. You rock, and I'm not talking about your music (although that rocks too)!

  2. By Suz on April 11, 2008 at 7:53PM

    I am more than grateful for you too, my friend!!!