Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Apr 15, 2008 at 9:39am

As I slowly blinked awake this morning, a sunshine song came to my lips. I sleepily hummed and sang it a bit as I shuffled around for my slippers… Then I stopped short, as it dawned on me…what the heck song is this? Good Lord, am I singing a Chipmunks’ song? (I can’t stand The Chipmunks.) I rushed out here, typed the lyrics into youtube, and voila…not The Chipmunks, but darn close. It’s Pebbles and Bamm Bamm!? Yep, I woke up humming a Pebbles and Bamm Bamm song, total dorksville, ha. It’s actually a sweet little song, and if you’re anywhere near my age you’ll recognize it immediately – Open Up Your Heart and Let the Sun Shine In. Awww… Check it out for a little random reminiscing.

I was smiling last night too – albeit sans television-baby song – when John and I stole out for dinner at Cave Vin (image, below, is from their website). Man, it really hit the spot, we hadn’t been out in awhile. And Cave Vin always delivers – consistently delicious, simply prepared food. (Half-price bottles of wine on Monday nights is pretty sweet too, especially given their neat wine list.) I had a gorgeous (forgot my camera, kicking myself) golden beet and fennel salad – paper thin slices of sweet beets, layered with roasted fennel, drizzled with a bit of vinaigrette, dabbed with Dijon mustard around the edge of the plate (great complement to the sweetness of the vegetables), topped off with a generous grind of black pepper. Perfection.

For my main I scored seared scallops, served atop a little pile of roasted parsnips and sauteed spinach. Salty, garlicky, crunchy, tender, the perfect background for sweet scallops, I loved it all. In fact, I’m pretty stoked that I have a leftover scallop and a smidge of veg for my lunch today. They (Cave Vin) make it look casual and easy to toss together a plate of perfectly cooked and seasoned vegetables, alongside a piece of perfectly cooked and seasoned meat/fish. It’s not one bit easy, which makes me appreciate it all the more. I never walk out of there feeling weighed down. Every neighborhood should have such an unpretentious, delicious spot (like mine! Please!? But no, it’s not meant to be…). Good thing it’s easy enough to head over in Cave Vin’s direction (54th & Xerxes).

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