Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Apr 25, 2008 at 8:11pm

Fava beans. Love them. Hardly ever see them in stores ’round these parts, but scored some today at Lakewinds Natural Foods (lovely, lovely store) in Chanhassen. They’re a major pain to deal with (shell, blanch, peel, then cook), but so worth it in the end – bright green, tender, nutty, sweet. Just…yum. Check out this great NPR story on the bitter-sweet beauty of favas, along with a gorgeous menu and recipes… Love to know that not only are they delicious, they’re fabulously nutritious.

I should clarify that I haven’t actually cooked them yet – it’ll have to be later this weekend. Tonight, we just had pan-fried tilapia alongside tomatoes and okra sauteed with bacon, my new favorite vegetable dish (as I keep saying, sorry). Can’t. Get. Enough. Although a pan full of sauteed heavenly morels and favas could put me over the top (morels and freshly-shelled peas were the kill, but morels and favas, oh my…).

Stay dry! Stay warm! (Yep, it’s cold and wet again. Will probably even snow. Again. Yep. Grrrr…)

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