Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 10, 2008 at 11:59am

OK, here’s the deal. It’s just about midnight (which makes it Sunday, Mother’s Day, Happy Such to all you Madres out there)… I got oh, about five hours of sleep last night due to Nathan’s Boy Soup birthday sleepover… I have a cold… I just spent the entire day prepping a three-course dinner for nine (John & moi, Nathan, Rishia & Andrew Zimmern, Rudy Maxa& Ana Scofield, and Debbie & Stu The Wine Genius Williams)… Aaaaand I therefore have pretty much no right to be sitting here on the computer writing about said (fun!) exertions. That said, a quick overview of this weekend’s kitchen kitsches (menu/recipes to follow tomorrow; er, make that later today):

  • I love watercress soup.
  • If your grill isn’t firing perfectly evenly, monitor your lovely lamb chops carefully. (Smoke=fire, well, always.)
  • If Stu Williams and Rudy Maxa bring wine to your dinner, drink it.
  • Potatoes taste good with almost anything.
  • Dinner by candlelight and flowers tastes better.
  • Grilling meat in high heels rather sucks.
  • Drinking champagne in high heels rather rocks.
  • I must go to bed.

And with that, having experienced a lovely night, I bid you a fond farewell (of the goodnight variety). Sleep tight….

Moderate it: if you cook in heels – and who doesn’t? – I suggest a bit of a platform sole. Easier on the ball of the foot; plus, a wider heel is more stable. Especially when grilling on a rainy, slippery deck.

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