Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 13, 2008 at 5:23pm

Ooh, I found ramps (wild leeks) at Whole Foods today, yummy. I found (more) morels and fava beans as well. Springy springy! And naughty naughty, because it threw off my whole dinner plan. Or, I should say it doubled my dinner plan – the original plan is still in place, but just for Nathan and John (a quickie din – Whole Foods sushi, sesame broccoli salad, cabbage-almond salad, and Ling-Ling organic chicken & vegetable potstickers, which in a pinch are awfully tasty and not full of a bunch of chemicals). And for me? I got so excited about the ramps I decided to cook them (bulbs and greens, very simply, just in a little butter) with the morels and favas, and a dab of creme fraiche, and call it my own dinner (I would have shared if pressed, but neither J nor N would be one bit interested, whew). I can have take-out sushi any dumb day, but ramps and morels and fava beans? Together? Spring on a plate, baby, now that’s a real treat.

Moderate it: a little butter and creme fraiche go a long way – small amounts = big flavor. Enjoy!

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