Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Mar 21, 2006 at 5:26pm

Busy day! And fun! I was Picture Person at school this morning, chatting up SE Asian art for 4th graders – I so enjoy talking with the kids. From there I ran a few errands that I’ve been putting off forever (‘cuz that’s the way I do things…procrastinate, then kick ‘er into gear; what can I say?), picked up some tasties for dinner, took Nathan to the airport (he’s visiting his grandparents, in Florida), and stopped by Suz’s for some chat, coffee, and apple bread pudding, mmmm… Marvelous way to spend the afternoon, ahhhh, I feel great. (I have to confess, my witty conversation did not have Susie laughing this hard today, I stole this picture from our night of hilhairity last week; love it though, this photo sums up how fun it is to hang out with my minxes!) Now it’s time to make dinner, or at least think about it. I picked up some loin lamb chops and celery root. Hmmm…I’m thinking broiled chops. Simple celery root gratin (with a bit of cheese in the gratin, I don’t need a pan sauce for the chops). Basic spinach salad with a tart mustard vinaigrette to balance out the richness.

OMG, how much do I love lamb? It’s out of control, the chops were delicious. Just coarse salt, pepper, and dried rosemary, broiled in the oven – heavenly. Celery root gratin is delicious, but a little too much liquid in the pan, so I need to revise that recipe before I post it. I’ll just say that in a nod to moderation, I’ve worked out a moderate way to use cream in several different recipes. Forget fat-free half-n-half, or skim evaporated milk. The trick is to use just a bit of the real deal, along with some chicken broth – I use the technique with pasta as well as when creating a vegetable gratin.

Just listened to episode 5 of Feminine Hijinx with John – fun, as usual. We laughed our asses off! It’s turned out to be the highlight of our week, when John and I are alone together – I make a little dinner, we listen to a little Hijinx and howl with laughter. Fabulous.

Big birthday day in the Meyer-Levy family, my mom Kris’ *%th birthday, and A‘s 13th, Happy Birthday Mom and A!

Alright, it’s time for an early bedtime, ahhhh, love that. Snuggle into my softy (baby Nathan’s word, softy) sheets, watch a little TV, fall blissfully, soundly asleep. ‘Night! (And goodnight Dreamy Cooper! Let your mom get a little sleep between feedings! At the same time, nurse away and grow, grow, grow!)

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  1. By Suz on March 22, 2006 at 7:28AM

    That photo of baby Coop is adorable, mouth open wide...that photo of me is not so adorable, mouth open wide....ha! You! hilarious.