Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Mar 25, 2006 at 10:04am

Big night tonight! I am so excited! I’ll open with dinner at I Nonni with Debbie and Stu Williams…that means great wine! Great food! And a guaranteed good time! Woo hoo! From there we head over to the Fitzgerald Theater for Minnesota Public Radio’s A Stage Session with Ann Bancroft: Survival of the Fittest. We were invited to attend by Rudy Maxa, “who will recount his harrowing tales from the Pacific Rim” as part of the presentation. Afterward we plan on having a chance to catch up with Rudy and Ana Scofield. Should be a lovely evening.

So today, today, hmmm… A walk. Party planning. Perhaps I’ll pick up the drill, oooh. Never a dull moment in this household! (And honestly, I’ll most likely end up reading for awhile, I’m just in that frame of mind lately. Productive procrastination, reading. Love it.)

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