Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Mar 29, 2006 at 10:24am

Happy 14th Birthday Sigmund Louis Siggy Sigs Roo Rufus Levy!

Fourteen! For a gordon setter, that’s amazing. He’s feeling pretty damn good for an old man, little arthritis, little quiet, but he can still run around and play a bit, has a good appetite, still enjoys a good glass of wine (just kidding, obviously). Can’t hear a thing but enjoys a nap in the sun to warm the ol’ joints. Loves a thin, crisp raw-hide treat after doing his business outside. Can still sniff out chipmunks and – very briefly – give chase. Particularly enjoys his anti-inflammatory and vitamin E pills, they must be some kind of delicious that I just don’t understand. He really enjoys attention from the kids, from his little sister and now from Nathan too. He started life with John and his first wife Amy in St. Louis Park. Then he was a high-rise apartment dweller for many years, in the style of John’s childhood dog, George. Now he’s finishing off his life in this home, with a big yard to run around in, and someone (me) hanging around with and talking to him all day, which he really does enjoy (even if he can’t much hear me). And Fridays, when Marty comes, OMG, he’s to the moon happy, he LOVES Marty. It’s been a good dog life these last 14 years. Here’s to your health and as many more good years as you can possibly eek out, you sweet old dog – ROO!

We had a fun birthday celebration, for both Sigmund and to celebrate A’s 13th (she was away for her actual birthday last week). Little chocolate cake for us people, little doggy “donut” from Lulu & Luigi’s in St. Louis Park for Sigs. Rufus could hardly believe his luck when the kids held the donut out for him – he so politely looked at it, and then at John and me, back at the donut, again at John and me, incredulous that he was being offered food on a plate (we don’t feed him people food, despite his ever-hopeful efforts to convince us to). Hilarious!

For our dinner, I made simple roasted chicken, rice, and a delicious combination of sliced leek, fennel, red pepper, and tomatoes sauteed over low heat in olive oil with a bit of curry until soft. Gorgeous with the salty, crispy chicken.

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  1. By Suz on March 29, 2006 at 12:06PM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROO!! A lucky pup, indeed, to live with such fabulous 'rents.