Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Apr 14, 2006 at 8:06pm

Lunch al fresco with Marge at the Good Earth today. Another glorious day here in Minnesota, as usual. Ha. Funny how easily arrogance settles in. No, I’m grateful, I’m grateful, I swear I’m grateful. I’m not attempting to tempt the weather gods, I’m no fool. I spent nine years of my life in Grand Forks, North Dakota, for (weather) gods’ sake. No one from Grand Forks tempts the weather gods. I savored every balmy, honey-hued minute of this day, first on the patio of the Good Earth, chatting and laughing with Marge, who arrived looking fresh and hip and impossibly young with a new short haircut. I enjoyed a cup of carrot soup and half of a veggie sandwich, packed with all the good stuff – crispy peppers, cucumber, and onion; creamy avocado; and a slice of Swiss and tomato. Then at home on our deck, followed by a little stint with an Architectural Digest down by the pool, then back up on the deck for a little solo dinner al fresco. My favorite dine-alone meal, an over-easy egg on toast topped with chopped arugula. Glass of wine. Dessert of a slice of cheese. Yeah. It’s all gooooooooood.

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