That’s a really big…cabbage

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 4, 2008 at 4:38pm

Due to receiving one of the most enormous cabbages I’ve ever seen in this week’s CSA veggie share (albeit not quite as large as the one in the pic), I made an unlikely summer soup yesterday – er, cabbage soup. Studded with potatoes, with a hint of bacon-smokiness, served with a sprinkle of gruyere cheese, pretty hearty fare (even though light on the cals, and somewhat diuretic, thank you, cabbage). But somehow it all worked, and tasted great, and I have leftovers for days. And days. More days than I’ll want to eat cabbage soup. In August. Good thing it freezes so well. I can far too easily imagine some chilly damp day, only short months away, where I’ll be damn glad for a bowl of cabbage soup to warm my bones.

Back to summer: I shockingly didn’t eat anything tomato yesterday – I’m currently all-tomato, all-the-time. ‘Tis the season, yesss! Tonight, I’m thinking a simple herb frittata, with some lovely chopped garden tomatoes thrown in, finished with a dab of creme fraiche, alongside a few more of those lovely fingerling (thumbling, toeling) potatoes. Pass the salt. (Because cabbage soup is diuretic – see how that works?)

What to do with my second giant summer squash, also in this week’s veggie share? There were two – one I skewered and grilled with bell peppers and red onions (below). This second one, hmmm… If you, like I, are faced with an abundance of summer squash, check out this link to more recipes than I could ever think of. The fried squash puffs look delicious for a party – squash fritters, as it were. Anything frittered is fine by me, and potentially moderate if enjoyed in the low single digits. I’ve even been tempted in summers past to experiment with squash bread – basically golden-hued zucchini bread – but in the end haven’t given it a go. I could even imagine going savory with the concept, a cocktail muffin, a la the spinach-feta cocktail muffins I made up last summer (pictured). I may mess around a bit, stay tuned…

Moderate it: cabbage and summer squash have very few calories. Sauteed in a bit of olive oil, and finished with fresh herbs, salt, and pepper, and even a squeeze of fresh lemon, both make delicious, nutritious sides (or mains).

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