The Paleo Approach Dinner Club E-book!

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Oct 30, 2014 at 3:53pm

The Paleo Approach Dinner Club E-BookIf you’re starting to think about healthy holiday entertaining, I’ve got just the cookbook for you. Behold The Paleo Approach Dinner Club E-book, a collaboration spearheaded by The Paleo Mom, Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, author of The Paleo Approach, the definitive guide to the autoimmune protocol (AIP). She had the marvelous idea to invite a group of AIP bloggers to each contribute five recipes, all with an eye toward hosting an AIP dinner party. Given that socializing is one of the most difficult – and most important – parts of successful healing while following the autoimmune protocol, I was thrilled to share a Cuban-inspired menu that anyone would enjoy.

In fact, healthy deliciousness for all is my goal when entertaining these days. My friends have jumped on board when we cook together and we all just skip grains and nightshades (et al) and focus on peak-season vegetables, top-notch meat and fish, and great technique for coaxing maximum flavor from a bounty of ingredients. No one feels deprived and everyone enjoys feeling satisfied but not weighed down – one of the many beautiful things about eating whole, nutritious foods. (PS My friends drink alcohol while I partake in a variety of NA tipples.)

If you’ve been avoiding entertaining because it seems overwhelming, I understand AND I encourage you to check out this book. Sarah included endless ideas for sharing the recipes with friends, making the gatherings about more than just food and drink, preparing ahead, traveling with food, even tips on basics like setting the table and what to feed the kids.


Price $16.99
177 pages
12 complete Dinner Club Meals, each with at least 5 recipes
2 Bonus Dinner Club Meals
Kid’s Table Chapter with 9 kid-friendly recipes (including standard Paleo and AIP options)
Info on how to set-up your own Dinner Club
Schedule for who brings what where and when
Ideas for Party Games
82 Recipes total, 63 are exclusive to this e-book and not available anywhere else
Print-friendly, formatted to 8.5″x11″ paper, so you can print your copy and have it bound
Printables, organized for each member of the dinner club
Every dinner club meal is 100% AIP

I shared recipes for mint-honey-lime spritzers, Cuban steak with fried onions, radish-avocado-pineapple salad, tostones, and banana-crunch puddings. I’ll be serving all of these dishes over the holiday season! (Stay tuned…)Banana Crunch Puddings | Fresh Tart (Paleo, AIP)In the meantime, my recipe for Banana Crunch Puddings is in The Paleo Approach Dinner Club E-book. I hope you enjoy!

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