YUMmy Payback

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Oct 13, 2008 at 8:46pm

Out and about, despite my stupid-Madison cold (cough, cough) and pouring rain. Lunch today at YUM! Bakery with Polly, soooo tasty. Chicken soup for the throat and the soul. With a couple of matzo balls to boot, as well as a split of coconut cake and a cup of hot tea. Oooh, all so YUMmy and good…

And tonight, to Cave Vin with John. Warm and cozy and candlelit, with perfectly executed brasserie fare. I opened with silky butternut squash soup, garnished with pieces of roasted parsnip; John opted for gooey, beefy French onion soup. For my main I tucked into lovely roasted chicken, served with pan juices, roasted asparagus, and the friggin’ killerest pommes frites on the planet – skinny, searing hot, just-crisp, and showered with salt and crushed garlic. Right. On. Baby. John had crusty-rosy pork tenderloin with some fabulously glazy-glace reduction that I was way too obsessed with my pommes frites to even taste. Sorry. We split a hearty Chateauneuf du Pape (go for the good stuff, half-priced on Monday nights) and rolled out happy and full.

Not a bad way to start the week. Unless it’s all down-hill from here…?

Moderate it: I really wanted the butternut squash ravioli, with sage butter – I’ve had it in past years, in the fall, and it’s always fantastic. However…very rich. So I chose the roast chicken with frites (!!!) instead, so I could snag a fewwithout feeling like I’d gone completely over-the-top. All good.

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