Wyoming Wedding Weekend

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 13, 2008 at 3:27pm

Hey man (that’s what two-year old Cooper always says, totally cracks me up), how’s it going? We snuck away to Wyoming for a bit, to see my dad & Susanna’s new home, as well as attend the wedding of Kirby & Misty Taylor. The Taylors – my stepmom Susanna’s family – know how to throw a good party, so I predicted a great time…

…and it was! We arrived in Sheridan (WY) via Billings (MT), Friday afternoon. After settling in and spiffing up a bit, it was time for cocktails and dinner on the lawn at Dad & Susanna’s new digs. The theme was Mexican – margaritas and homemade enchiladas, guacamole, salsa, and wedding cakes, absolutely delicious. Stacey, Cooper, and Levi Sizzle were already there, as well as my cousin Kim – they drove out mid-week last week. Etta was on our flight, David flew into Sheridan, and Susanna’s nieces Marett & Farley (and Farley’s husband Stuart) arrived from New York and Chicago. It has been searing, smokin’ hot all summer in Sheridan, but we lucked out with a bit of cloud cover and a lovely cool breeze to carry us through the evening. After din, a group of us headed over to the Last Chance Bar for a beer and a bit of gossip. The wedding party bowed out early (so disciplined!) and so we did too.

Saturday was the wedding, at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, the same church where Dad & Susanna were married, er, a few years back. When I was 12 years old. Man, time flies, ouch. Anyhoo, the lovely bride wore a sleeveless ivory silk shantung sheath, with a flared hemline and ivory silk flowers at the neckline. Turns out, the dress was Susanna’s sister Margie’s debutante dress, hanging in the closet at the Taylor Ranch all these years just waiting for a bride small enough to wear it. Misty was the girl and oh was the dress perfect on her. She added a sheer veil edged in lace and was gorgeous.

The reception was on the lawn at the Big Horn Equestrian Center. Big BIG polo scene in Big Horn, we watched on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons (Saturday the professionals; Sunday the Taylor boys, playing for and winning the Montaylor Cup). Once again searing hot (much relieved by icy cold beer, ahhhh) until the sun dropped behind the Big Horn mountains and then…a lovely, twinkly evening. Dinner (prime rib of beef, but of course, the Taylors are cattle ranchers) and dancing and sore feet ensued, the typical wedding combo.

And now we’re home, where everything seems obscenely lush and…flat. Kinda humid (I and my hair LOVE the West’s dry air, love, love, love it). But it’s nice to be home anyhow, always the best part of taking trips, actually. Home = Good! Although I am craving Mexican food, hmmm, sure could go for some of those leftover enchiladas right about now, rarrr…

But no. Instead, I’ll set my appetite aside and send my Best Wishes to Misty and Kirby for a long and happy life together. L’chaim!

Moderate it: I find that the old advice about cutting calories at cocktail parties – sip a glass of water between cocktails – works quite nicely. So does standing far away from the nibbles (unless you’re at a Taylor function, where someone always politely comes around with the tasties, damn their perfect manners).

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