Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Apr 5, 2009 at 9:04am

If you, like I, are stuck with the above (photo taken minutes ago), may I suggest the below for contrast.  As you might have noticed, I turn to comfort-y foods to warm my soul when cold weather strikes, but this time – no.  No because I’ve had enough soup (albeit delicious soup – lentil from Suz, matzo ball from Crossroads Deli, tomato from Bacio) in the last week to float a ship.  No because I am literally craving color – and long-cooked foods, while deliciously aromatic and flavorful, do not pop off the plate.  No because it’s April and I’m tired of cozy.  No.

Evan Sun for the New York Times

This recipe, for Maya Citrus Salsa (Xec, pronounced ‘shek’) with Red Snapper, is delightfully featured on the New York Times website today, in the Style/Dining & Wine section.  Fresh, juicy, colorful, zesty.  So not cozy.  Yes!  And don’t worry, all the salsa ingredients are in the store right now, no rock-hard mangoes or papayas to worry about.  (I’m not sure what I’m going to substitute for cilantro, since as I’ve mentioned before, I’m one of those who appears to be genetically programmed to hate the taste of cilantro – I love the idea of it, and certainly love the descriptions of what others taste in it, but it tastes like metallic rotting flesh to me.  No good.  I usually just skip it, or add Italian parsley or scallions in its stead.)

As Mark Bittman (recipe author) points out, this dish is not about the fish, it’s about the salsa, which would be delicious on other types of fish as well as pork or chicken.  I think avocado could somehow work with it as well.  Play around, see what you think.

Article here.  Recipe here.  Short, fun video of Mark Bittman preparing the dish here.

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