Spring has Sprung – ?

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Apr 9, 2009 at 7:23am

It’s still chilly and colorless here in Minnesota, but the sun is shining, the robins are nesting, the trees are budding – let’s just call it and say that spring has sprung! Yes, April in Minnesota is pretty horrible (other than the birthdays of my son and husband), but that’s OK. Despite the cold, wet, and lingering threat of snow, there is enough sunshine and birdsong to warm even the most cynical hearts (including mine). It feels good to be outside. It feels good to be eating lighter salads, soups, and vegetable dishes. Everything just feels lighter and I’m glad.

In that vein, I read about a new website called This Is Why You’re Thin!, a motivational site created in response to another site called This is Why You’re Fat!. The Fat version features truly nasty pics of fast food, junk food, and all-round unhealthy fare with the supposed effect of…making people hungry?! I guess people who check out the site, hoping to be repulsed, end up with serious cravings for junk they wouldn’t have thought about eating before! Enter Jennifer McCann, who heard about that response and thought, hey, if people are responding so strongly to those visual food cues, wouldn’t it be cool to put together a mirror site full of healthy, beautiful, fresh foods and hopefully inspire lighter eating? She’s done just that, check it out.

A few other of my go-to resources for fresh, healthy inspiration:

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