David’s Not Too Cool for Minnesota – But It’s Close

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Sep 1, 2008 at 7:58pm

Happy Labor Day! Flew by, of course, as all holiday weekends do, but this one was particularly fun because my brother David was here. That meant extra hang time with Stacey and Cooper too, and as a group we had a grand old time. We pretty much just chatted, cooked, ate, and hung by the pool. Yeah, that pretty much covers it.

The foodie highlights:

  • I made a tomato-goat cheese tart for a late din Friday night. Nothing more than a short-pastry crust, smeared with minced garlic, filled with tomato slices, a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of salt, and dabs of soft goat cheese. I baked until golden brown and soft, served alongside a salad, in the dark on the deck, with a glass of crisp white, and it was nice.
  • Scrambling for a brunch idea Saturday morning, I innovated crepes filled with softly scrambled eggs and a “sauce” of cherry tomatoes sauteed with onions and fresh herbs. With a few slices of Nueske’s Canadian bacon on the side, we were well-fortified for a day of…lying around in the sun, listening to music, reading books, and chatting. Hey, what can I say?
  • Saturday night we dined deliciously at 20.21. As usual, the star was the lobster risotto with crispy spinach, I’d say one of Minneapolis’ top five restaurant dishes. It hits all the notes, baby – creamy, spicy, sweet, salty, chewy, crunchy. And it’s gorgeous. And delicious. Oh yeah, I already said that.
  • Last night I made not just shrimp saltimbocca, but scallops saltimbocca as well, due to a bit of a screw up in purchasing frozen shrimp at Whole Foods. A tasty mistake, turns out, since Stacey, David, and I all love scallops (while John and the kids opted for shrimp). With grilled bread, topped with ricotta cheese and grilled tomatoes, we had ourselves a summer feast.
  • And the wrap up today, more tomato goodness, this time in the form of post-exercise BLTs at Stacey’s. Garden-ripe tomatoes and Nueske’s bacon. ‘Nough said.


David (pictured at right with Etta, a couple of weeks ago in Wyoming) left around 5 pm this evening, unforch totally missing the chicken I roasted tonight, whole on the grill (with my Weber poultry roaster), this time with a Mexican spin – garlic, lime, and ancho chili powder. We ate the crispity slices in warm corn tortillas alongside potatoes roasted with jalapenos, onions, and green pepper.

The End to a lovely Labor Day weekend.

Moderate it: yeah, a pretty big food weekend. I biked in the wind, walked in the heat, and most surely didn’t come close to working off that lobster risotto. Good thing the weekend is done and we’re back to “normal” tomorrow. Uff.

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