Happy Birthday Suz!

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 29, 2008 at 6:14pm

Hey there. Ready for back-to-school? I think we are, it’s certainly a process, but one that’s near completion. I’m ready for Labor Day weekend, which is looking to be three sunny, gorgeous days here in Minnesota. NICE!

My brother David arrives tonight to hang with us and Stace and Cooper-Doo over the weekend. We’ll definitely be relaxing at the pool and cooking up some tasties, maybe fitting in a bike ride, hitting the State Fair, perhaps a movie…who knows? No matter what, relaxing…

Which this week wasn’t, therefore the need for unspeed over the weekend. Nathan and I hit the fair on Tuesday – perfect day, cool-yet-sunny, not a big crowd, we pretty much cruised around and plucked the experiences we pleased. Pronto Pups, roasted corn, skytram, giant slide, newborn animals (so cute), and a successful run on the Midway. Great fun, I love the fair. You know, about once about every 4 years…

Last night I enjoyed dinner with Kathie Radcliffe and Mary Pappas, my former office-mates who I don’t see nearly enough anymore, boo.

Speaking of good friends…Happy Birthday Susie Silpada Sunshine! I hope Suz sang Happy Birthday to herself, she’s got the prettiest voice of anyone I know (except for her daughter, Vivian; OK, duh, I’m sure Viv sang Happy Birthday to her mom and of course Suz loved it). I reminded Suz this morning that she shares a birthday with John McCain, but that she has much nicer… jowls.

Rest in Peace Steve Foley.

Moderate it: my son was a bit horrified by my moderation tactics at the fair – take a couple of bites of something you love, toss the rest, move on to the next fave.

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  1. By Suz on August 30, 2008 at 5:59PM

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, my dear friend! I just realized I've been spelling jowls wrong. for shame.