(Don’t) Let it Snow!

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Dec 23, 2009 at 8:44am

We casually sent a holiday card this year saying “Let it Snow.”  I meant it, since I love a snowy holiday, but I was dreaming of a white – not white out – Christmas.  Unfortunately, we (and a good portion of the Midwest) are about to get blasted with piles of snow, mixed with ice, a dangerous holiday brew.  The latest forecast is for several inches overnight tonight, several more tomorrow, and potentially several more on Christmas Day, which would wreck our plans for driving out to my aunt Mary and uncle Bruce’s farm for the day, my favorite Christmas tradition.  No!


<–  or?  –>



I’m still holding out hope, planning to reprise the brussels with pancetta and dried cranberries I made for Thanksgiving (three pounds of brussels are in the cooler, waiting, waiting)… But in case we can’t make the trip, I’ve also made a plan for celebrating here.  A humble chuck roast is already defrosting, awaiting the magic of a bottle of Burgundy, a (small) slab of bacon, and a long, slow braise to transform into silky-rich boeuf bourguignon.  Which will it be – brussels and prime rib at the farm, or boeuf bourguignon here in the city?  Beefy either way, so stay tuned…

In the meantime, there are other meals to consider.  Like tonight’s chicken soup with popovers.

And Christmas Eve dinner, which I’ll be preparing, and which I’ve spent precious little time thinking about because of my worries about the weather.  Well, not precious little – I did get it together enough to order some lobster tails and make a plan to grill them brushed with garlic butter.  And to plan the rest of the menu (for my mom, Stacey, Cooper, Bowen, and John and myself).  Here it is:


steamed artichoke with aioli


grilled lobster tails with garlic butter

rice with peas and mushrooms

sauteed spinach


lemon souffle with whipped cream

chocolate truffles (leftover from our party, made by Vincent’s, insanely good)


I hope the snow isn’t messing up your plans too.  Hang in there everyone – and stay safe!

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