Grillin’, Chillin’ Part II

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 24, 2009 at 6:01pm

Oooh, I love my new Weber vegetable grill pan.  I made chicken fajitas tonight and grilled the onions and peppers right alongside the chicken breasts.  I spritzed the pan with oil first, and tossed the vegetables with a little bit of olive oil (sprinkle of salt, few shakes of ancho chili powder) before spreading them in the pan, so had no sticking problems.  I heated the tortillas (wrapped in foil) on the grill as well – without the beans and rice I also made (for the kids), it could have been a completely grilled dinner.  Oh, except for the guacamole – gotta have guaaaaahcamole with fajitas.  (Or anything – definitely one of the world’s greatest dishes, guacamole!)

We ate on the deck, our first time for the season.  It’s been warm enough a few times, but also windy, windy, windy, and really, who wants to eat elm seeds with their salad?  Tonight it is completely still, 75 perfect degrees.  The air smells of lilacs and barbecue.  I enjoyed a long, idyllic walk around Lowry Hill and Lake of the Isles earlier in the day, then read The French Lieutenant’s Woman by the pool while Nathan swam, then sipped a beer while I prepped din…

Yeah, just one of those days.

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  1. By SML on May 25, 2009 at 7:09AM

    Yes, definitely browning - the slats that you can see on the side of the pan (pic) are on the bottom as well, so juices run through. I believe the trick is going to be to toss veggies with a bit of oil first, since you can't do more than spritz the pan itself with nonstick spray (given the slats). The other trick - for browning - would be to not overfill, since the surface area of the bottom of the pan is smaller than the top. I had two peppers and a whole onion in the pan, all browned nicely. Next time I'll start the veggies ahead of chicken breasts - I'd say it took 15 minutes for them to achieve browned.

  2. By maud on May 24, 2009 at 6:38PM

    i like the veggie griller.... but do you get any browning? if so, i'm a convert, hate wrestling with the foil