I’m Slumped

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 18, 2008 at 7:32pm

I am in some sort of cooking slump lately, I have to admit. I’m not sure why – just feeling less, I don’t know, inspired. Is it the hot weather? Overly-busy days? I’m sure part of it is that I feel like I should just be grilling food, instead of heating up the oven (and the whole kitchen), and that limits my options a bit (as happy as I am to grill pretty much anything). I guess this just happens, where inspiration wanes, and you reach a little further for something interesting…

…like tonight, I faced a fridge full of CSA shareveggies, a boatload of eggs, and decided to make crepes filled with a simple saute of diced carrots, onions, green pepper, garlic, and mushrooms. With a tablespoon each of creme fraiche and minced fresh herbs* to finish, it really did make a light, lovely din. With a French white, on the deck, very nice. And – thank goodness – Not. Our. Usual! Don’t forget about crepes, they’re easy, delicious, and mix things up nicely.

* My poor fresh herbs, in pots on my deck. The parsley and dill are completely defoliated by black swallow-tail caterpillars, and the basil is being sucked dry from the inside out by hideous, bronze-y Japanese beetles. Luckily the oregano, rosemary, summer savory, and chives (as well as the tomatoes and chilis) are just fine – plenty of flavor to carry us through the season – but the buggy (and batty!) infestation is a bit disgusting, sigh.

And oh, I DID get the scanned pic of our dinner at Morton’s with Andrew& Rishia Zimmern, and Carol & Aaron Mack, to celebrate Aaron’s birthday. We were very…BLUE that evening! Fun night, great to see everyone, and once again, Happy Birthday Aaron.

Moderate it: thank goodness that just a little creme fraiche – one of the most delicious creations on Earth – goes a long way. Just a teaspoon to finish scrambled eggs, or a dab in a pan of sauteed veggies (above), or a smidge with fresh berries, makes a dish over-the-top delicious.

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