Tomatoes, Green Beans, Carrots

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 21, 2008 at 6:44pm

What’s this you see? The sorry banquet (wedding, fundraiser, church dinner, you name it) side-dish we’ve all had a million times, green beans with carrots? Yep, it is indeed – and it was deeeelicious. The green beans and carrots both arrived in my CSA veggie share today, so I simmered until just tender and tossed with a little butter and minced chives. So fresh, wow, the way they’re supposed to taste. How…fun!

No, I didn’t serve a baked chicken breast alongside (I can only go so far with the banquet kitsch), but instead made these pretty little tomato souffles. I found the recipe online (recipezaar), adapted from Earl Peyroux‘s book Gourmet Cooking. Peyroux had a long-running cooking show on PBS (although I’ve never seen it) and the book looks actually pretty fantastic. Funny the things you discover when you googletomato souffle” (as you can tell, I’m still reaching, looking for inspiration, more than a bit tired of my usual fish& veggies). The souffles are so simple – hollowed-out garden-ripe tomatoes, filled with a tomato-egg filling (I added a bit of goat cheese as well, but I think any cheese would be nice), baked until puffed and browned. Next time I’ll add a bit more cheese and salt. As constructed, less than 200 cals/tomato, nice.

Speaking of veggies, I had a great idea tonight, in the vein of one of my (unfulfilled) fantasies…living close enough to everything I love to bike and walk to-and-from. Restaurants, grocery shopping, oh heck even a farmer’s market (it’s the France/Italy fantasy, where one markets with a basket, buying fresh bread, bottle of wine, cheeses, and fresh veggies on the way home from work… Photo, also a fantasy, I neither bike in the city without a helmet, nor with a fedora, hahaha…)

Since I can do exactly none of those things from where I live, I decided to bike to pick up my CSA veggie share, just a few blocks away. All went well on the way there (although it was a tad tricky getting on my high-bar bike with jeans on, strreeetch), with my last-week’s empty box flattened and tucked under my arm. I uber-ungracefully hopped off my bike, deposited the flattened box, and picked up my new box, chock-full of veggies. It was…really heavy! WAY too heavy, in fact, to handle with one arm on my way home, although I gave it my best shot (getting up on my bike, lifting the box, and quickly realizing there was no-way, no-how to balance it with one arm). So I had to put the box back, bike home, and drive back to pick the thing up. Talk about un-fantasy! If anyone watched the whole event, you’re very welcome for the entertainment (my attempted box balancing on my neighbor’s driveway must have been…completely dorksville at best).

And hey, I have to mention because it’s a deliciously good deal, we enjoyed a glass of – get this – Virgin Vines Chardonnay before dinner. Virgin as in Richard Branson, yep, we learned of it from John’s parents (you can buy it easily in NYC). As far as we know, it’s not available locally, but it sells online for less than $13.00/bottle. And it’s tasty, I’m rarely a fan of domestic Chardonnays (I just do not dig the oaky Chardonnay thing) but this is completely simple and clean and crisp, very food friendly.

And Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Moderate it: souffles are really so easy, and pretty, and not heavy at all. And oh, they’re delicious to boot! With an average of one egg and a couple of tablespoons of grated cheeseper person, they seem so much more decadent than they really are. Enjoy!

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