Last Gasp

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Sep 9, 2009 at 5:31pm


It’s cloyingly, annoyingly humid here in Minnesota this week.  It’s like the summer we didn’t have finally settled in, now that it’s September.  Hmmm.  But despite a constitution that despises humidity, it’s all OK – it gives me a chance to enjoy the last-gasp treats of summer, to really dig in to tomatoes (do you think I’ve been eating enough tomatoes lately?  I swear, this post won’t be about tomatoes…), corn on the cob, and peaches.  Oh, peaches, how I will miss thee.  I’m eating them any way that I can – as is, of course, but also sliced with a teeny guilding of sugar and cream (1/2 tsp. each, that’s all it takes).  To go all out, check out this beautiful recipe for peach cobbler from The Kitchen Sink blog.  Oh yes, that would be a lovely way to enjoy the last peaches of the season.  (Or plums.  Or blueberries.  Mmmm.)

On a separate note, if you’re in a bit of a healthy eating slump, and looking for some yummy recipes, check out this 9 Foods You Should Be Eating post on (great publication and website).  I wish my veggie share included broccoli rabe, but no.  I love it chopped, sauteed in olive oil with lots of garlic and red pepper flakes, and tossed with pasta.  Luckily I’m getting loads of broccoli, which is almost as good (same seasonings) tossed with ziti or rigatoni and showered with freshly grated Parm to finish.

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