Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jul 31, 2008 at 5:10pm

L’chaim! Yep, I get dinner out with my minxes tonight, woo hoo! We’re hitting up Bar Lurcat this time, for gazpacho, mini-burgers, and those irresistible, cursed frites. I even have straight hair (for now) since I got my hair cut today – a blow out in this weather is only worth it if someone else does it. Since that happens, oh, about every 8 weeks, it’s feeling a bit rare and swingy. Whee! Hey, what can I say, I measure my days in dewpoint, always have. It’s a frizz thing, not a curl thing (I can handle curl, curl is cute; frizz is, uh, I’ll let you fill in the alliterative blank).

Anyhow. Just quick meals lately, last night nothing more than good ol’ spaghetti with meat sauce for Wild Wednesday, although I did grill thin slices of zucchini to go alongside. Way easy – brush both sides of slices with olive oil, sprinkle with a bit of salt, let sit a few minutes to soften, then grill away. Eat hot off the grill, as is or showered with fresh herbs, maybe even a grate of Parm. Mmmm…

Oh, speaking of zucchini, I can’t forget to pick up my La Finca CSA veggies on my way to pick up the girls (Thursday is pick-up day, just a few blocks down). Maybe some tomatoes this week! I received two huge, juicy beauties as a little gift this week, OMG, so good. Nathan and I had BLTs for breakfast today, loving every juicy-crispy-salty-smoky bite. We agreed that whoever made up that blessed sandwich was a genius. So simple – which means the ingredients have to be top notch. Nueske’s bacon, a garden-ripe tomato, crisp lettuce, good toasted bread, and real mayo. Oh man, pretty hard to beat.

Moderate it: BLTs don’t have to be unhealthy – on whole-grain bread, easy on the mayo, two slices of well-drained bacon, heavy on garden-ripe tomato. Fabulous.

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