Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jul 29, 2008 at 4:41pm

Hoooey it’s a hot one, wowzers. Did we swim today? Hell no, we ran errands – hot errands – like crazy people, but what can you do? Let’s just say that I’m very grateful for light-colored car seats. I told Nathan that my dad used to drive – waaaay back in the day, circa early-1970-something – a kelly green, two-door Ford Torino (yep, a precursor to the Starsky & Hutch car; pic is an approximation), with black vinyl seats and no AC. That was the hottest, stickiest car I’ve ever ridden in, ouch.

The sunshine is nice, though, right? It really feels like summer, now that it’s almost August, yeah. We had post-baseball-tourney Boy Soup on Saturday, loud and fun. Nathan’s Famous hot dogs on the grill and a giant bowl of potato chips – that’s about as easy as entertaining gets!

Hopefully the heat gets my tomatoes going ‘cuz they are behind, way behind. I’m ready for fresh tomatoes! Mom and I are heading to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, maybe we’ll score some beauties there. I’m getting ready for good sweet corn too. No East Hampton version for me this year, sniff – I’ll be missing the Annual Levy Sweet Corn Spectacle. The all-white varieties (Silver Queen-esque, but apparently not really Silver Queen) grown in the Hamptons are insanely delicious and different than what we enjoy here in Minnesota. We might enjoy our yellower, chewier versions with ribs and burgers instead of crabs and lobsters, but it’s all good, all good.

Moderate it: although my son keeps trying to insist otherwise, I consider corn a grain (starch, carbohydrate), not a vegetable, so enjoy, you know, in moderation. Unless you’re a Levy, then hells bells, go for it!

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