Party Prep Continues…

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Dec 19, 2009 at 3:45pm

John and I shifted into high gear today, doing set up for tomorrow’s party.  Plates and glassware are set out.  Food is assigned spots on the buffet table.  Flowers are arranged.  Fruit and nuts are scattered amongst the greens and pine cones (this year I chose kumquats, persimmons, and seckle pears – mostly because it’s so fun to say all those words).  The actual centerpiece I got from Arts & Flowers and it turned out beautifully – they do seriously cool arrangements (I love Roger Beck too). Candles are distributed around various parts of the house, wood is in the fireplace; both await the touch of a match.  Beer is chilling in the garage; water, soda, and wine are ready to pour.

Despite a cold day, I was able to get my grill hot enough to put a good sear on both pork and beef tenderloin roasts (I’ll serve them tomorrow cold, sliced, and garnished with mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, and fresh herbs). Tonight I’ll bake the Almond Triangles (stay tuned for results).

Tomorrow we’ll do the final straightening of the house, chop and prepare garnishes, slice the roasts, compose a cheese tray, set out bowls of cashew brittle and almonds, ice the beverages, light a million candles, get some good holiday tunes playing, and clean the kitchen of pretty much everything in preparation for the caterers to do their thing.  Somewhere in there I’ll remember to get dressed and put on some party shoes.

Hope your holiday party plans are going well!  (We’re going OUT for dinner tonight – Cafe Barbette, here we come!)

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