Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jan 15, 2006 at 10:11am

As I struggled to drag my butt out of bed this morning, I laughed at how completely NOT moderate I’ve been this weekend. Oops. Despite my best efforts to take only a few bites/sips of this and that, it all added up to p..l..e..n..t..y of food and wine. There’s nothing wrong with any one of the lovely items I sampled yesterday – but fried polenta, roasted potatoes, Prosecco, lamb chops, spanikopita, couscous, Cabernet, cream puffs with chocolate sauce…all on the same day?…That’s plenty epicurean but not one bit moderate. Sigh. I got a little carried away with myself as I tend to do. It was all very fun, but today’s menu will include much more truly moderate offerings – brothy soup, steamed veggies, fresh fruit, and lots of water. All yummy too, but a bit more restorative. Time for this brown-eyed girl to de-puff. And as my friend Ruth says, bust some suds (wash some dishes)…

John and Nathan went to see the Torchlight Theater’s production of The Miracle Worker this afternoon – I can’t recommend it highly enough. Nathan’s good friend Shelby stars in it as Helen Keller and she is breathtaking in the role. The response has been outstanding, including an extension of the run, which was supposed to wrap before Christmas. While they were away I took a l…o…n…g bath in my overly huge (but totally luxurious, I admit it) bathtub, ahhh, it was so nice. I’ve previously mentioned my passion for Molton Brown bath products, but Agraria makes a mighty fine lavender bath gel, very relaxing and lovely when I’m wiped out. I actually fell asleep in there, pretty hilarious. And then I crawled into bed and fell asleep in my robe, I definitely took fine advantage of my Sunday afternoon alone. Hopefully, after what amounts to two naps, really, I’ll be able to sleep tonight! So, the dishes are done, the leftovers are gone, the weekend is officially over. It sure was a nice one.

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  1. By Stephanie on July 9, 2006 at 11:43AM

    Cast of Regular Characters (ha!)

    John: husband
    Nathan: son
    A: stepdaughter
    Sigmund/Sigs/Roo/Rufus: dog, Gordon Setter
    Stacey: sister, artist
    Cooper: Stacey and Bowen’s baby son
    Bowen: Cooper’s daddy
    Dot & John: John’s parents, live in NYC
    Tom, Valerie, Allegra & Cameron: John’s brother, wife, and their kids, live in NYC
    David & Susanna: dad & stepmom
    Kris: mom
    David & Etta: brother and sister, live in NYC
    Susie/Suz: friend, co-Feminine Hijinx podcaster
    Vivian: Susie’s daughter, Nathan’s friend
    Sullivan: Susie’s son
    Cory: Susie’s hubby, photographer, creator of Feminine Hijinx
    Kim: friend, co-Feminine Hijinx podcaster
    Emily: Kim’s daughter, Nathan’s friend
    Brian: Kim’s hubby, designer, designed Feminine Hijinx logo
    Marge: aunt, my dad’s sister, lives in Willmar, MN
    Jim, Kim & Kelly: Marge’s husband and daughters
    Mary: aunt, my dad’s sister, lives near Willmar, MN
    Bruce, Craig: Mary’s husband and son
    Michael & Amanda: Mary’s son and his wife
    Kathie, Mary, Chris, Jim: former Park Nicollet work colleagues and friends
    Michelle, Cami, Polly: UW-Madison girlfriends
    Stephanie, Kim: high school girlfriends
    Carter & Lisa: Nathan’s daddy and his fiancée
    McCoy: Nathan’s dog at his dad’s
    Barb & Larry: Carter’s parents, Nathan’s Grammy Barb & Pa
    Stu “The Wine Genius” & Debbie Williams: friends
    Rudy Maxa & Ana Scofield: friends, Rudy is the Savvy Traveler, host of Smart Travels
    Andrew Zimmern: friend, host of Chowhounds, Fox 9’s Chef Andrew, host of Bizarre Foods
    Rishia and Noah: Andrew’s wife and son
    Jon & Amy Brown: friends, their children Will, Sophie, Zach
    Shane Coen: friend, landscape architect
    Kathleen Day-Coen, Ryder & Nico: Shane’s wife, photographer, artist, their children
    Peter, Kristen, Erin & Emily: cousin, his wife, and their twin baby daughters, live in Sheboygan, WI