Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 2, 2006 at 2:36pm

Rain, rain went away! Woo hoo! At least for today. I jumped right on my bike this morning to finally take the bike ride I’d been itching to take for days. Fabulous. Then I did my picture person prep outside, yeah, it was pretty rough out there, 75 and sunny. Perhaps I dozed for a few minutes, perhaps. Tonight is our first baseball practice – now THAT means spring for sure – as well as Bowen’s graduation show, the MCTC Manifesto Portfolio Show. Suz is coming with me and we’re both hoping for a peak at Super Duper Cooper! And at Bowen’s graphic design work, of course!

I haven’t figured out yet where the heck dinner fits into all of that. I had gotten as far as thinking “quick pasta,” but I don’t know when even we’d eat that, unless it’s quite late. It might have to be a double-snack night instead, pre- and post-event(s). Hmmm…

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