Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 3, 2006 at 11:59am

Fried walleye tonight, so damn good. Don’t have time to say much more than that, it’s late, late, late already. What with picture person, groceries, a quick walk, picking up Nathan at school, a trip to the Humane Society to drop off donations, back here to make dinner (walleye!), and then over to Suz’s for Feminine Hijinx, I hardly had time to take a breath today. Whew. I’ll just say this – I made it like my Grandma Meyer always made it. Fried. In. Butter. That was some gooood shit. And Suz made us rhubarb bars as a little treat for after FH, and those reminded me of my grandma too. With that happy thought, I’m off to bed. I’ll post a recipe for the walleye tomorrow (pretty easy, you know, fry it in butter, it’s hard to mess that up) and also for a tasty little vegetable pasta – I called it a warm pasta salad – that I made to go along with it. ‘Night!

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