Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 12, 2006 at 1:08pm

Opened this blustery, freezing Friday with an anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory loaded blueberry pecan pancake, topped with a smidge of real maple syrup. So easy, when you use a little pancake mix (I’m not a big mix person, but the just-add-water Aunt Jemima version is mighty tasty; and I love how you can make just enough for one person, since no one else in this house likes pancakes. Pancakes! What the hell is not to like about pancakes? Sigh…), scatter berries and chopped pecans over the batter in the pan, perhaps some ground flaxseeds if you have them (if you’re going for the Omega-3s wherever you can get them), flip when it’s browned to finish cooking (’til you can hear the berries popping, mmm…), and voila, in less than 10 minutes you’ve got a hot, nutritious, almost-homemade pancake. On a cold, wet, gloomy day like today, it sure beats a bowl o’cold cereal. Dig in!

Finally, our electricity is back on! UGH, drives me nuts when it’s out, which it was for a few hours last night and then again for all of this morning. Must be the wind, sheesh, it’s nasty out there. Brrr… Too cold for a walk, too windy for a bike ride (can you imagine? I have a vision of pedaling and going absolutely nowhere…), so it was me and my Russian kettlebells this morning. My pulled muscle is better, thank goodness, so I very carefully tossed one around until I knew I could handle it. There is no excuse not to do a KB workout (other than a pulled muscle). There they sit, in your own house, ready to kick your ass anytime you’re motivated enough to get your ass next to one. They’re fabulous.

Oooh, looking for reasons to enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner tonight? Check out this article touting the many and surprising benefits of daily wine with your daily bread. Ah, how I love finding out that the things I most enjoy are actually good for me. Hey, I’m all about the occasional guilty pleasure – but the non-guilty ones, they’re damn nice too. I mean, damn NICE!

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  1. By Stephanie on May 12, 2006 at 7:51PM

    Thank you for reading my blog! KBs...well, the benefits vs. weights is that you use them through a much wider range of motion - you don't just lift them, you swing them around (and throw and catch them, although I've haven't done that - yet). As a result, you get an intense cardio workout, as well as stretching/flexibility, in addition to the strength training benefits, through a full range of motion. You work hard - which means the workouts are actually meant to be rather short, not more than 20-30 minutes. The exercise variety is also a key, I've bought a couple of different books with suggestions on variations so I can keep things interesting. Also, you can buy two KBs (I started with one 9 lb. version, but quickly worked up to one each of the 18 lb. and one 26 lb. And that's all I need, instead of a whole weight set (which I also have, but now I use my KBs instead). Hope that helps - if you want to send me an email, you can at


  2. By Anonymous on May 12, 2006 at 5:05PM

    Hello, I really like your Blog. I am interested in working out with the Kettleballs. Can you tell me what you like about them and what exactly do you feel is the benefit versus weights. I went to the website but I don't quite "get it" Thanks so much.