Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 13, 2006 at 11:12am

Do you dream about cooking? Apparently I do, I had a dream close enough to waking this morning to remember it… I was scrambling eggs for John’s family, cooking them in a big ol’ cast-iron skillet, on a bed (loaded with Freudian implications, I’m sure). They were nasty-looking until I served them in tortillas (which I never do) which somehow transformed them to fabulous. There’s probably a whole fertility rave, what with cooking an egg on a bed and then rolling it in a tortilla – my goodness, perhaps I’d better leave that dream alone. It seemed just silly and benign until I started writing about it, yikes!

No cooking last night – John and I ate out for the second night in a row! We haven’t done that in ages. We had another date night, so decadent, loved it. First we saw The Notorious Bettie Page at the Edina theater. Fantastic. Gretchen Mol has the best boobs I’ve ever seen (they’re bared quite a bit in the movie). I’m sorry, I had to say it, you gotta give a girl a compliment when she’s due one. Hers make breast-implant boobs look horrific (which they often do, ack). I’m not against breast implants per se – who am I to judge? I have fake highlights and wear lipstick – just the ones that turn women’s breasts into round-on-top, hard-as-rock, shiny thingsstuck onto their chests. Like cantaloupe halves stuffed under the skin. Blech (at right – ouch!). I mean, if you’re going to fake it, and there are often good reasons to do so, choose a natural shape, that’s all I’m saying. In fact, you could walk into your doctor’s office and say, I want Gretchen Mol’s boobs. There. My input on breast implants.

Anyhow, back to eating out for the second night in a row – we dined at Tejas. Hmmm, Tejas, it’s been pretty ho-hum for the last several years, so I’m not usually super-psyched to eat there. But there it is, across the street from the theater, so we bopped in. And had a lovely dinner, I must say. Things were hoppin’ in there. We split a pork tamale made, I think, with a fresh-corn type of masa, and it was delicious. Then I had a fennel, radish, and bitter greens tostada, basically a fresh salad atop a small, crispy tortilla, showered with shavings of a salty Pecorino-type cheese. Light and tasty. We came home and watched another movie, The Dying Gaul, cool start but with a truly weirdass ending. Still fun.

So, a baseball game planned for today, but I don’t know – this weather. Another cold, rainy, dreary treck. Good movie weather. Not another movie tonight, however, instead…a THIRD night eating out! Woo hoo! Fuji-Ya on the menu tonight, to celebrate Stacey’s birthday and Bowen’s graduation. That means a Cooper fix! Yay! And some damn good sushi too, very happy about that. It’s all good…

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