Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 14, 2006 at 10:56am
HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! We had a lovely Mother’s Day-graduation-birthday celebration at Fuji-Ya last night, Stace, Bowen, Coop, Dad, Susanna, John, Nathan, and me. Cooper was a Trooper – ceiling lights and fans turned out to be quite entertaining, he had his back arched all night to take in the show. He was showing off his new poundage – at more than 11 lbs., he has more than doubled his size in exactly two months. Way to grow, Coop! We non-Coopers feasted on miso, sushi, edamame, soft-shell crabs, tempura, udon noodles… Finally rolled out of there around 10:30 p.m., and into bed, as stuffed as hand rolls, whew. Or as stuffed as Bowen in his new fly-fishing waders. Or as stuffed as Cooper in his Baby Bjorn, like a cozy little sausage! Happy, happy, snuggled up to Mommy Stacey on Mother’s Day eve.

For me, a day at home, that’s what I chose for Mother’s Day. A day at home with my boys (A is with her mom today, of course). And an evening at Suz’s with my girls – Feminine Hijinx! I’ll probably actually run over to Byerly’s and grab whatever I feel like making for dinner. I am officially restauranted out (although it’s been a fun ride for the last three nights)! And in the mood to cook. As long as someone else does the dishes – now that’s a Mother’s Day! Enjoy yours!

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