Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 24, 2006 at 9:50am

OMG, this has nothing to do with food but is so goddamn funny that I have to put a link to it. John and I first saw it on a Saturday Night Live episode that featured animated TV Funhouse shorts by the hilarious and more than slightly twisted Robert Smigel. This one was my fav, The Smurfette Show. Premise: the Smurfs have gotten older and the smurfiest yet is Smurfette… It’s raunchy and kinda sick, so please don’t watch it if you’re bound to be offended by an uber-white-trash Smurfette in a Hustler t-shirt. If you’re not easily offended, are familiar with what The Smurfs show originally was, and want to hear one of the funniest voices ever (Smurfette’s voice, I am now walking around purr-whining, I want pizza, cracking myself and John up), check it out.

In that white trash sort of vein, we are having hot dogs for dinner tonight. Not that hot dogs are white trash, I truly LOVE a good hot dog (oh, that sounds kinda naughty, well, I really do like hot dogs, as in the the food kind, ha). Hebrew National, all beef, all good. ‘Kraut and spicy mustard for me. Or a chili dog with pickle relish and raw onions, oh my, that sounds damn good too. If I’m motivated, a toasted bun. With nothin’ but potato chips, if anything at all. A beer would be nice, but we have a baseball game tonight, so perhaps a soda (I only like soda with a couple of things – a hot dog would be one of them). Perfect hot-day, in-a-hurry, baseball food. Yeah!

Whoa. I am toast. From…jumping rope! I’ve accepted a truth about myself – I hate gyms, exercise classes (except yoga classes), running, and competitive sports. I do, however, like to move around (walking, hiking, biking, dancing), just not for hours and hours per week, I get bored really fast. Enter Russian kettlebells, which I’ve written about before. Brief, intense, fun workout, in my own home. Love that. And I just added a jump rope to the mix. We’ll see if it’s actually fun – if not, I’ll lose interest. But today it was fun. Because it was a major challenge – it turns out I have no clue how to effectively jump rope. When done correctly, you don’t double-jump or let the jump rope hit the floor. Yeah. I’m not there yet. And I’m only jumping for a total of three minutes – yep, that’s it, three minutes, but I feel OK about that, because 10 minutes of jumping rope is the same exertion as 30 minutes of jogging. I don’t know that my goal is to jump rope for 10 minutes – that sounds pretty damn boring. I think the goal is to use it with KBs to keep things interesting, switch things up. And, I can toss it in a suitcase (that doesn’t mean I will, but hey, it sounds good).

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  1. By Suz on May 24, 2006 at 11:41AM

    I'm certainly with you with the hot dog thing. mmmmm. Total cravings for those things. There is always the raw Oscar Meyer straight out of the fridge, eh, Steph? And the only thing you need with a hot dog is another hot dog. ooo baby!