Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 25, 2006 at 11:12am

Generous Grandpa Little League Sponsors

Laukka & Rempfer, woo hoo!
In uniform, woo hoo again! The grandpas of Tommy and TJ, two cuties on the team, got together to sponsor our team this year. The gramps are long-time friends and winter together in Florida, therefore our team name, the Laukka & Rempfer Floridians. Hilarious. Good game last night! We got rained on – of course – and the game ended in a tie after we had led for several innings. But Nathan had a couple of great hits, and good plays at first, and was on cloud nine at the end of the game. Very fun.

Stacey Pooh and Cooper Doo too, coming on over this afternoon! Yay! I gotta fly over to Byerly’s to grab a few things, make a little lunch. Then Stace and I are going to look through seven (!) bags of Nathan baby clothes that Nathan’s dad brought over from his house for Cooper last week. Seven bags! I don’t remember him having so many clothes, but there they are. Should be REALLY fun to look through them, just peeking into the bags brings back so many memories. Sigh. My little Natie. My little 5’2″ 10-year old Natie. Ha.

Oh, so fun going through those clothes! Awww. There are Baby David clothes in there too, my 25-year old half-brother! And they’re in great shape. Adorable little outfits. I’m only disappointed that my very favorite Baby Nathan ladybug outfit wasn’t in any of the bags! One bootie that went with it was…sort of taunting us. Darn. Cooper was all baby-scented wiggles and coos today – he handily rolls over at age almost-three months. Yeah. He has a six-pack stomach. He is going to be his mommy and daddy’s son – all cuteness, all muscle, all action, all the time. It should be pretty hilarious and exhausting when he’s oh, about 18 months old. Coop!

So for dinner tonight…I was planning on morels (Donna!) but they didn’t arrive! I ordered them online, hmmm… I also bought a steak, for John, because he’s just not a mushroom guy. But I only bought one. So, I may be having pasta again, or a salad, with perhaps a couple of bites of John’s steak. Darn. I had my heart set on morels… Guess it’ll be tomorrow, and that’s OK. Friday. Morels. Good combo. I’ll let you know…

(Here’s a classic Cooper look, the furrowed brow, all business. He’s looking at his mommy while she straps him into his car seat, like, no way are you restraining me in this damn thing again. Coop!)

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  1. By donna on May 25, 2006 at 9:37PM

    Cooper is such a CUTIE! I love the sleeping baby face! So darn cute.....

  2. By Suz on May 25, 2006 at 11:53AM

    What fun! Hi to Stacey and the Coopa-doop!