Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jun 1, 2006 at 1:32pm

I babysat Cooper-Doo for awhile this morning, what a BLAST. Here he is in one of Nathan’s outfits! Love that. He did his usual wiggles, coos, grunts, sighs. And then fell asleep on my shoulder…so I sat down on the sofa, propped a pillow under my elbow so he could stay in the same spot…and dozed too! It was so nice, to have a little nappy-poo post lunch. I’m all for the siesta, a brilliant concept. Doesn’t usually work for me, however, not since I was probably three years old. Darn. Then Mommy Stacey was back from her haircut and off they went…Stacey and her two Coopers (baby and car)…busy, busy!

I made a quick salad for lunch for Stace and myself. Basically the same as yesterday’s lunch, sans egg. I’m really into the mix of greens right now, chopped – delicious. Last night’s version, with coarsely grated pecorino romano and warm bacon balsamic dressing was just kickassgood. John and I made very short work of that, and of the crispy, salty roasted chicken drummies. The kids loved ’em too, definitely a repeat menu.

Tonight? I Nonni – woo hoo!!! With Stu and Debbie, Rudy and Ana, and Louis and Susan Ainsworth. Yep, I’ll be dining with Stu, Lou, and Sue, ha. Can’t wait.

OK, here’s a quick pic of the crispy polenta with roasted asparagus and fava-mint puree I had at I Nonni tonight. One of three (really, four) courses that I had. All damn good… But I’ll write more tomorrow. John’s yelling at me, Dude! What are you doing? Dude! C’mon! Dude! (If you know John, you can imagine this yell/whine, not to be ignored…) With all that pressure, I can’t write (actually, there’s more to write than I can handle tonight anyhow, whew, I’m wiped). Okay, okay! Good night…

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  1. By Stephanie on June 1, 2006 at 11:19PM

    That's so funny, I think Rudy has said in the past, Stu, Lou, Sue, and the Jew (referring to himself), so it could be Rue, and a Jew, or two Jew(s). Ha! Right, Ana, Stephanie, and Debbie, we're out, no matter what...

  2. By Anonymous on June 1, 2006 at 8:31PM

    okay....then how about Rue (for Rudy). And also You! Poor Ana, let out.

  3. By Suz on June 1, 2006 at 5:13PM

    Don't forget--Stu, Lou, Sue and The Jew. :-) Ha! Have a great time, my friend!!