Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jun 2, 2006 at 5:50pm

Crrrraaazy busy day, I’ve hardly had time to catch my breath, much less expand on my I Nonni experience last night. And I still don’t have time. Yes, sadly (ha), we’re off to 20.21 tonight at the Walker. With Jon and Amy Brown. Woo hoo! I’ll need a second shower before heading out after volunteering at Nathan’s school today – it was hot, sweaty, sticky work. I was placed at the Cherry Pie Stand – a “cherry pie” is a maraschino cherry on a paper plate buried in sprayed whipped cream. The kids have to race, with their hands behind their backs, to pull out the cherry, by its stem, with nothing but their teeth. You can imagine the face-full of whipped cream. Lots of laughs, the kids absolutely loved it, so it was fun. But whew. I’m wiped!

Oh. My. God. What a meal. I’m telling you, I lurve eating at 20.21, it’s absolutely incredible. Because of the way their menu works, you share everything, so it’s a bite here, a bite there, of the most terrifically tasty tasties. Seared foie gras (my personal fav). Crispy whole sea bass. Lobster curry with flash-fried herbs. On and on, fucking fabulous. With that sexy view of Minneapolis! And the great company of Jon and Amy! I laughed my ass off, per usual when hanging with them, it was just a fantastic night. And oh, oh am I tired now that we’re home. After a particularly lovely drive home around Lake of the Isles, windows down, perfumey air pouring into the car. I wish I could bottle this scent, the scent of summer. This is the best of Minnesota – warm sunny days, cool clear nights, light breezes, soft air, the scent of flowers everywhere. Paradise. And with that… Must. Go. To. Bed. G’night…

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