Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jun 3, 2006 at 6:20pm
Happy 40th Birthday Bowen!

What a DAY. First of all, it is gorgeous outside, absolutely perfect. Then…we had a little birthday party here for Bowen – a surprise birthday party, in fact, the biggest surprise of which was Bowen’s sister and brother-in-law, Sara and Romero, here from Vermont. Bowen was absolutely blown away, it was pretty incredible. He thought he was coming here for a barbecue/swim with
just us and Stace and Coop. And that’s who he saw when he came walking in. But Sara, Romero, and a whole group of Bowen’s awesome friends were hiding in the office. After we greeted him, and chit-chatted for a minute, they all came bursting out – surprise! – which shocked him. But when Sara and Romero popped out, last, he totally freaked. It was beautiful, it really was. Not a dry eye in the place. Bowen and Sara don’t get to see each other very often, so it’s extra-special that she’s here. Cooper has now officially met all three of his aunties – yay for Auntie Sara! Of course Cooper loved her, he snuggled right into her arms and fell asleep. At which point Daddy Bowen scooped him up to settle him into his car seat.

Oh, Cooper, he was a star. Along with another adorable baby, almost-1-year-old Francesca. John caught a quiet moment with Coop, Francesca, Nathan, and Sigs, all the cuties in the room in one place.

After burgers, hot dogs, garden burgers, shrimp, potato salads, guacamole, chips, and birthday cake, we eventually swam/floated in the pool, chatting and chilling out. Including Stacey’s amazing friend Caroline, who helped pull the whole thing off, lending tons of help AND decorations. NICE! Very nice. Just a lovely, lovely day.

You can turn 40 anytime, Bowen!

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