Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jun 4, 2006 at 10:09pm

Oh, summer… Swim, grill, friends, family. That was our day today, and it was pretty fabulous. A relaxing morning eased into a major afternoon of swimming with The Browns – Jon, Amy, Will, Sophie, and Zach, as well as Suz and Sullivan, and then Stace and Coop. The Browns and Shuberts headed home, as Bowen and his sister Sara and her husband Romero came for dinner. We moved into kebab making (shrimp and beef) and wine drinking (courtesy of Sara and Romero, who brought us amazing wine), along with lots of chat. Cooper Doo cooed, napped, ate, cooed, napped, fussed a little bit, and then crashed. Sooooo cute. We ended in the dining room, eating a simple dinner of said kebabs, as well as pasta with pesto and a salad, followed by strawberry shortcake, and then good-byes as Sara and Romero head back to Vermont tomorrow. It was a fabulous Bowen 40th Birthday Weekend, I can’t say how much we enjoyed meeting and hanging with his friends and Sara and Romero. The star of the weekend was…the weather. Thank you, weather gods, for making Minnesota look damn good. For once. Man, what a weekend. Aww, I’m a little sad it’s all over. Time to shuffle off to bed. Tomorrow, I’ll wash the chlorine from my hair, slather my flaking skin in lotion, and attempt to recover from 48 hours of soaking in the pool, in the beating sun. Ack. So much for not wanting to be tan – it’s happening without me even trying.

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