Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jun 7, 2006 at 11:33am

Siggy-Roo visited Nathan’s classroom this morning and loved every minute of it. Lots of good smells and friendly hands. He handsomely, graciously walked around the circle of children, pausing at each one, to give kisses and receive pats as Nathan explained that Sigs is a 14-year old Gordon Setter who has outlived the average Gordon life-expectancy by several years. He also filled in the details on Sigmund’s multiple nicknames – Sigs, Siggy-Roo, Roo, Rufus. Rrrrooo! I don’t blame Rufus for not wanting to leave! Wag, wag, wag. But now he’s home, contentedly napping…as fun as it was, that was a big ol’ (10-minute!) adventure for sweet ol’ Sigs. (No one commented on his powerfully, um, doggy, dog breath – you gotta love kids for unconditionally loving dogs…)

And I have to put up this pic of John and our adorable nephew Cameron. You know, Cameron, secretly John’s son? Just kidding! But wow, now that is a family resemblance! All salute The General (that’s Cam’s nickname, courtesy of his real dad, John’s brother Tom; before he could talk, Cam could salute, it was hilarious…).

Cooper-Doo is paying a visit today, woo hoo! Hopefully we’ll get some pool-time, as it’s another lovely day in Minnesota. YES! We don’t mess around with our lovely days. I’ll have to come up with something to grill for lunch, hmmm… Oh, Stacey and Bowen are accompanying the Coopster, ha, therefore the lunch plans. If it were just me – I think I’d eat some spicy beans. Hmmm…perhaps I’ll make spicy beans for all of us. Stay tuned…

Well, spicy beans indeed, for both Stace and Bowen. Delicious. And then lots of pool-age, for Cooper-Doo too. And then, after some Mommy Boob, and a short nap, he spent a good amount of time wiggling around and talking, naked, on a towel, in the shade. Peed a couple of times, but that’s OK. He LOVES being nakey, of course. He talks with his whole body, it takes both arms and legs to eek out a little “rah,” in the cutest baby voice ever. Magic, he’s pure magic. Mommy Stacey and Daddy Bowen agree, they sure love their little boy. Happy, sunny days for the Coopster and his ‘rents. And Aunt Stephanie!

Tonight, chicken drummies again, roasted crispy and salty in the oven. With rice, and a big salad. Basically, a repeat of last Wednesday’s dinner, because it was so damn good. We’re all stuffed. And in a mere 20 minutes, Suz and Kim will be here for Feminine Hijinx! We’re behind in our recording – I’m long past due for hijinxing with my minxes! It’s a lovely evening, so the plan is to sit in the screen porch, sip our wine, and talk dirty. Woo hoo!

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