Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jun 8, 2006 at 12:12am

It’s officially Thursday, although I should be in BED. Just wrapped up Feminine Hijinx with Suz and Kim – another inadvertent double feature, because…we forgot to turn on the mic! Yes, another Feminine HijUnx. Damn. But, hey, you do what you’ve gotta do – we realized our mistake, nibbled some strawberry shortcake, grabbed another beer, lit a few candles, and head out to the screen porch to chat up a storm and try, try again. Hopefully we nailed it the second time (!) Man, I am wiped, must go to bed. But before I climb in, I thought I’d post another quick pic of Cooper, since I’m going through the other photos I took today (yesterday). So cute, especially when he’s smiling and “chatting,” as he is here. Totally dreamy, my little nephew.

Back again, after a relatively good night’s sleep. Too short! So, I have to describe what I didn’t have time to write last night, you know, since it was approaching 1 a.m.– Kim and Suz showed up here to record Feminine Hijinx at oh, around 8 p.m. Kim rang the door bell, I answered via intercom, and she said, get out here, girlfriend! I thought, yay! They must be in Suz’s brand-new, pimped-out, low-rider Toyota Scion, which last I heard had been in the shop getting fixed up to come home… But no. They were in the rental Grand Prix Suz is (not happily) driving until the Scion is done – wait, actually, they were ON the Grand Prix. Doors open, stereo blasting some Foreigner tune straight out of the 80s, metal signs in the air, tongues hanging out, and a six-er of He’Brew beer between them. Yes, He’Brew Genesis Ale, aka The Chosen Beer, I shit you not. Beyond fabulous. And to top it off, Kim was modeling her contestant number and medal from the half-marathon she completed this weekend (woo hoo for Kim running more than 13 kickass miles)!

Yes, those are my dear friends, totally metal (and apparently masochistic, given the placement of the safety pins on Kim’s chest, at left – ouch, girl!), raising suburban hell at almost-40. As Suz says, we’re going out of our 30s with a bang (and a Scion, in Suz’s case, that I believe we named Phat Thunder last night, hahaha. Kim’s mini-van is Sweet Action. Now, my lonely Passat wagon is needing a catchy moniker as well…hmmm…). Oh, how I LOVE my friends!

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  1. By Suz on June 8, 2006 at 9:26PM

    And we sure love you!!!