Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Sep 25, 2006 at 8:36am

Happy Birthday Rudy!

I sadly had to miss Rudy’s dim sum birthday celebration yesterday for Nathan’s baseball game, which was…chilly. Brrr… No need to ice my sore piriformis sitting on those bleachers, damn! And worse, some fan sitting near me was rocking so much heavy perfume that my eyes and nose were stinging and watering. As you know, I love love love fragrances, and usually appreciate them on others, but to be overwhelmed while outside, at a Little League baseball game no less, is a bit much, non? (Not as bad as the blast of a woman sitting somewhere near me at the Guthrie last week, that was unbearable – as was the play – but it was close.) Moderation, ladies! Luckily I’d stashed A Soldier of a Great War (what a book, it is breathtaking; well, almost, ha) in my handbag and was able to bury my nose in it, between Nathan’s at-bats and plays, and the whole thing flew by pretty quickly.

So! John partook of dim sum and had a blast in my stead. Then we were all back here for a quiet night, warm and snug and into bed fabulously early, ahhh.

And now it’s Monday, sigh. MONDAY. A sunny one, that helps. We were all up and at ’em extra-early thanks to our early retiring, that helps too. After I figure out a nice little sauce – raw tomato perhaps? – for the spaghetti squash I steamed yesterday, I’ll post the recipe. Until then, I wish you a good start to your week!

Just have to quickly say how much I appreciate walking in the city of Minneapolis. I snapped this quick pic with my phone today because I was blown away by how beautiful, quiet, and secluded my walk was – in the middle of the city (I was walking around Cedar Lake)! Equally quiet walks are to be found along Minnehaha Creek and on many of the bike paths. Who knew? Mineapolis, City of Sensual Delights.

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