Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Sep 26, 2006 at 8:42am

Happy Birthday Maven of Mischief!!!

I’m rushing out the door to meet the beautiful Birthday Grrrrl and Suz for a birthday walk and breakfast (Kim took the day off to celebrate – woo hoo!), so I’ll post more later. Suffice it to say that I hope, my dear friend, that you have a Fabulous Day!

We’re back now! And what a day for a birthday walk – wow, a real September stunner. How perfect, fabulous sunshine for my fabulously hilarious, sweet, and generous friend! We had a sparkling walk around Lake Calhoun followed by breakfast treats – and a few shenanigans – at Yum Bakery. We declared that we minxes heart Yum Bakery for its sunny, cheerful decor; delicious, interesting food; rich, fresh coffee; and great service (including picture-taking, thank you very much). I can’t imagine a better way to open my day and it’s not even my birthday!

Enjoy your well-deserved day off Kim! And don’t be tooooo naughty, you Maven! (Or better yet, DO!)

The fun is not over for the day, oh no. I have another birthday celebration this evening – this time with my friend Polly. If we’re lucky, we’ll pull off La La Lucia’s, as you know, one of my very favs. I always feel so virtuous when I leave, as the vegetable and fish dishes are so heavenly they make keeping things on the light side, well, a piece of cake, ha. Oh, how I love my friends – and celebrating their birthdays!

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