Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Sep 27, 2006 at 9:47am

Happy Birthday Polly!

OK, today is not lovely Polly’s actual birthday. Nor was yesterday. August 7, in fact, was the big day, but we just got around to celebrating it last night (!), with a typically fabulous dinner at Lucia’s. Great wine (they make a terrific daily red and white suggestion, to suit the day’s menu), perfect food, gorgeous lighting, impeccable service…it is my favorite restaurant, there’s not an occasion I don’t look forward to celebrating there. As Polly and I were saying, they treat food so respectfully – that sounds odd, I know, but the presentation is simple and clean, without sacrificing flavor or interest. The food isn’t tortured into anything silly or over-the-top. I appreciate a straight-shooter; in fact, don’t we all? Hell yeah! I’m going for my own 40th, in some way, shape, or form, fo sho. (I have a few months before that momentous occasion, but just a few…ack!)

Anyone else have a birthday to celebrate? Anyone?

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